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Online Sms Bomber

Hello Friends.Today I am going to inform you about Sms bomber script that send unlimited sms to your friends phone number by just entering the phone number.This is simple online sms flooder script. This online sms flooder script is very different from other websites you will be seeing in many websites. But this time I have update this script and its working fine all over india. Sms flooder is based on different APIs of different websites.Which were vary popular now a days.You can find Much more about sms bomber yourself from google.So guys Follow these Steps and fool your friend.

T & C*

  • Use script for those people whom you know well.
  • This script catch your ip adderss and phone number that you enters.
  • works all over india.
  • We are Not responsible for any damage.Try it at own RISK!!
  • send unlimited sms.


when you open this script and enter’s the victim number it will start re-loading in every 3 second.This mean in every 3 second it will send 1 or 2 sms.So keep reloading it.To stop this script just close the tab.

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